Scary stuff! I have a web site

Andrea at her computer

Now I can put my own stories, thoughts, recipes and cat pictures on the web. Not everything fits within the Facebook format, or a Twitter “tweet.”

Here is where I started to practice posting on the web during Christmas of 2011! Now I have a web site to use for personal, family and professional purposes. WordPress is an easy format to work with, and I am enjoying figuring it all out as I build my web site. Of all the gazillions of web sites in existence, WordPress is the platform on which about 20 percent of them are deployed, making it very easily the most popular way to get on the web in the whole world.

This site went live on Christmas Day of 2011. It is where you can find family blogs, thoughts, news, ideas, recipes, photos, highlights, trivia, links and other things worth sharing. Welcome especially to former classmates, family and friends – from Guyana, Canada, England, the USA or wherever.

Obi-Wan uploaded an especially majestic picture of himself onto his Facebook site. It is astounding to see how many other cats have asked to be Obi-Wan’s Facebook friend. He now has cat friends from Canada, the USA, Germany, England and heaven knows where else. In 2009, Obi-Wan was one of the first cats on Facebook, and now it is a crowded space. The cats seem to be active posters as well. Click here to check out Obi-Wan’s Facebook site.

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