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Taken aboard ship on a cruise in 2015, this family photo is a moment in time to remember. Front row, from left: Irma Ramroop; Olive Seepersaud; Aileen Narsing. In the back row, from left: Zachary Ramwa; Cynthia Ramroop; Julian Seepersaud; Marisa Seepersaud; Shawn Ellis; Serene Seepersaud; Ivor Seepersaud; Donna Karran; Winston Seepersaud; Andrea Seepersaud; Christopher Seepersaud; Debbie Seepersaud.

A few years ago, some of us coordinated our holiday time, and booked a cruise holiday together. Aboard ship, we got together for this family photo on Olive’s 85th birthday.

The three Lachmansingh family matriarchs were in the front row: Irma Ramroop; Olive Seepersaud; and the now-departed Aileen Narsing. Behind them are two generations of their offspring.

Olive celebrates her 89th birthday on February 27, 2019 here in Mississauga. Several of the family are gathering to help her enjoy the day, though not on the actual day of her birthday, which is shrouded in an Ontario snowstorm that blew in from the U.S. Midwest.

See this web link for details if you can join us in celebrating Olive’s birthday in Mississauga on Sunday March 3rd at 12:00 noon.

When we set up this WordPress-based family web site back in 2010, we enabled it to allow folks to post comments. We hope you will add your birthday greetings to Olive. Obviously, to keep Iron Curtain spammers out of our system (54,903 unauthorized login attempts have been – unsuccessfully – made since 2010), being able to comment or write an article is limited to those with a User ID and a Password. To get your unique User ID and Password, just e-mail Bob, who will forward it to you by return e-mail.

This post will be amended with details and more photos after the party.

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  1. I had to mind the cats and go to the Legislature during that cruise. I am looking forward to enjoying Olive’s 89th birthday party.

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