Ivor Seepersaud

Cecil Ivor Rajendra Seepersaud: 1952 —2020

Cecil Ivor Rajendra Seepersaud passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his family on April 3, 2020. He was born on May 22, 1952, the first of four children born to Cecil and Olive Seepersaud. His childhood days were spent in Albion Front, where his family resided, and only a short walk  from his maternal grandparents, Joshua Ramjit (JR) and Marjorie Lachmansingh. The paternal grandparents, Latchman Persaud and Etwaria “Star” (nee Jhappan) resided 3-4 miles away in Anchorville, Port Mourant. Ivor attended J B Cropper School for his primary education and when he passed the common-entrance examination, was awarded one of the coveted spots to attend Queen’s College in Georgetown, the top boys school in the land. Prior to this he spent 1 year at the Corentyne High School (now CHS-JCCSS). JR Lachmansingh, bursting with pride at his grandson’s achievement, purchased a brand new bicycle for him to ride to school in Georgetown.

Ivor completed the GCE O-levels at Queen’s College then came back home at Albion and continued with the A-levels at Berbice High school. Following this he taught at Central Corentyne Government Secondary School at Bush Lot where his father, Cecil Sarju Seepersaud was the headmaster. After a year, the family moved from Albion Front to Georgetown where Ivor and, eventually, sister Andrea would proceed to the University of Guyana. Ivor’s father was appointed principal of Cummings Lodge Secondary School, which was half a mile away from the university. Several of Ivor’s contemporaries and friends from Albion Front, Queen’s College, Berbice High and Central Corentyne Secondary Schools either taught at Cummings Lodge Secondary by day and attended university by night. It seemed to be such a small world!

From his early childhood, Ivor had an influence on those around him. Friends looked up to him for his opinion, advice, enlightening discussions, humor and general knowledge. At Albion Front he joined the boy scouts, where he was very active until he left for school in Georgetown.  

He was always a voracious reader who assimilated information and never seemed to forget any bit of fact or trivia. He always challenged his younger brother, Winston, during many an argument to think straight and not crooked. Even before the advent of Mr. Spock, Ivor was a proponent of logical thinking. In his casual company, simple statements became interesting discussions, which in turn developed into theoretical arguments, and more often than not, debates where he triumphed. This was a trait that never left him. 

Ivor was an enthusiastic board game player. He was especially fond of chess. He also developed a unique repertoire of music, often playing his collection for his mother when she visited his home in Georgetown. He was a very devoted husband  to Serene, spending many holidays together abroad, and in recent years, taking international cruises. As a father to Marisa and Stanton, he was an inspiration and a motivator for excellence, instilling in them the importance of commitment and dedication in any undertaking. As a grandfather to Brandon, he often showed the softer side of his persona.

He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from the University of the West Indies, and then a Bachelor of Laws degree. He was admitted to the Guyana Bar on …….. As a consequence of his unique combination of specialized subject areas, Ivor became a sought-after person to serve on various boards and commissions. Over the years he served on:    ……..



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