Interesting web sites

My Immigration Consulting web page
Upper Canada Immigration Consultants is my company, providing immigration services to clients globally. The firm helps with visa and permit applications, permanent residency, citizenship and Applications to Return to Canada.
Bob’s web site
This is Bob Delaney’s personal web site.
Merlin’s Facebook Page
Merlin (2003 – living) succeeded Obi-Wan as a local western Mississauga celebrity, and has a reasonably active Facebook page worth checking out of you enjoy seeing a very handsome and intelligent cat who can out-perform the local dogs in being a high-profile celebrity animal.
Obi-Wan’s Facebook Page
Our late cat, Obi-Wan (1999-2015) was a Mississauga community personality. He often went with Bob on public appearances, and his cat Facebook page still exists. Click the link above to remember Obi-Wan on Facebook.

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